Twinkle Toes

Halle: Mom, I can I PLEEEEEEASE have these shoes?  I just have to have them!  (Please note that Halle has killer big blue eyes !)

Me: Hal, where on earth would you wear those? Plus, they aren't even your size.

Halle: Yes they are!  See! (Sits down and tries them on)

Me: Okay, they are cute but a little to big (I'm really thinking how they are not in the budget right now!)

Halle:  But, I am going to turn 8 and they will fit perfect!

Me: Would you like to wear them home?!  :)


Happy Father's Day...

Halle made a bow tie for Jahyme out of M&M's for Father's Day. She was praying it would not fit so she could eat them. Smart girl!! It was so funny! She has my gene for the love of sweets!

Every boys dream...

Jahyme decided to take Anderson to work one day and as they were leaving one of the undercover agents walked up to Anderson and asked if wanted to see some of the guns they recovered. Anderson didn't even think twice about it and off they went. As you can see from the pictures, he is in heaven! I don't know why boys are so fascinated by guns. Guns freak me out as much as snakes do!

Here it goes....

After a few stressful days trying to get this blog up and running I gave in and sent my friend Beth a text message begging and pleading for help. I have no earthly idea how she did it but she did it! Thanks Bethy!!! I owe you a Dr. Pepper from QT! Now, on with the the show....